We all are beautiful."You just need to feel that"

“Shreetatvam” is a cotton wear clothing label. designed and curated by Tejal Vyas, Mumbai.

We offer a range of Semi formal ethnic wear for modern women on the go. our unique silhouettes, stylish designs at affordable prices, makes your day.

Tejal Vyas a young Entrepreneur found her passion in the world of fashion and gave wings to her dreams by founding her own label. Electric prints and vibrant colours with flares are what you come across when you enter into the world of “Shreetatvam”.

The label is a fascinating concept of making limited edition clothing that is a reflection of your personality, but affordably. We are always ready to ensure your shopping experience with us is smooth. Either way, we encourage you to be yourself and be expressive in your unique way.

After all, we are already beautiful.

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